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Creation Jerusalem Genesis
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Vernissage 2005 Galeria Montreal

Gates of Welcome Vienna 1992
L'arche de la tolerance
Eroba Eroba: Revue et Images

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Drug Abuse in the Global Village

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Mel Mrabet Oud Guitare

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Jewish Moroccan Archive
A Brief History of the Jews in Morocco

Mind and Soul in Jewish Morocco
Customs and traditions in Jewish Morocco
L origine des Juifs du Maroc
Dictionnaire Biographic Sépharade
The meaning of names of Mediteranean Jews
Moroccan Jewry Videos at YouTube
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Moroccan Jewish Tales
Tales of Seha the Village Clown
Tales of Seha the Sage
The Secret Tales of the Last Jews of Ifrikia
Creation Tales
When Angels Fall in Love
Wine & Love On Creation
Geneviève et le petite oiseau des bois
Soleil Soleil
intro: Between Lisbon and Marakesh
Rezadeira (English) (Francais)

Exhibition Review
Aging in Morocco
Casablanca Alliance Centre
Casablanca Beth El Synagogue
Casablanca Library
Casablanca Rabinical Centre
Traditions: The Vow of Silence

Fez Ben Saadoon Synagogue
Fez Jewish Quarter: Melah
Fez Rambam Centre
Fez Ritual Slaughter
Fez Cemetary
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Israeli Society and Judaism
A Brief History of the Jews
Who wrote the Bible? Video
Judaism, Modernity and Israel
The end of Jewish Modernity?

Who has international legal rights
to Jerusalem and Palestine?
On Israel s right for self defense and legitimacy
La Palestine, Israel et l Injustice
The Middle East Problem Video
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
Time for Outrage
The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal
Peace or corrupting force
as viewed by Israeli gatekeepers Video
The Shia Revival or:
How Conflict within Islam will impact Israel

The Moroccan Connection

Prophecy, Destruction & Israel
Israel in 2048

Being Israeli: Analysis of the Israeli Society
Decision making in Israel and its flaws
The disenchantment of the Orient

Canadian Multiculturalism for Israel
Will Israel
face the Igbo challenge?

The Rise of the Religious Right in Israel
La controverse de la conversion en Israel
Portuguese Jewry:
Jews and Crypto-Jews

Jews as Viewed by Others

Israel on You Tube

Touring Israel on video

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