Tales of Seha the Sage
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Table of Content

Amulets and Good Fortune
Compassion for Donkeys
Cat and Fish
Debts and Conscience
Effective Cures and Right Predictions
Elijah and Charity
Good Character and the Secret of Happiness
Good Deeds and Prayers
Happiness and the Gardener's Cloths
Heartlessness and Good Looks
Justice and Charity
The Jug and the Small Fortune
The King who Did not Laugh
The King and the Jewish Jeweler
Love and Compassion
Magic Cures and National Fame
The Passenger who Could not Swim
Plain Soup and Good Taste
The Rabbi and the King
The Royal Tailor
Sainthood and Fertility
Seha's Advice to his Merchant Friend
Seha's Advice to the Prince
Seha and the Old Cow
Seha and the Fast of Ramadan