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On Wine and Love

Come Into My Garden
Marc Eliany

Come my love
Into my garden

The roses are in bloom,
Their scent exhilarating.

Drink with me
For the sun has risen
And the birds are singing.

Come My Love
Marc Eliany

My love

Drink my grapes.

The juice
On your lips.

And watch
The stars smiling,
For the moon
Is dancing.

Drink Up
Marc Eliany

Drink up,
My love.

Fill my cup!
Let me drink
My sorrow.

For my house
Is in ruin.

And the heavens
Remain still.

Green Are the Grapes
Marc Eliany

Green are the grapes
In my beloved's garden

Her lips
Scarlet red.

And her kisses
The taste of wine.

But in my land
My friends are scattered
Like rubies
In pigs' stalls.

My Eyes Caught Your Lips.
Marc Eliany

My eyes caught your lips.
A garden
A lawn
And soon
Budding trees,
And ripe fruits
Who will not bite,
Will bear his sin.

My joy
Marc Eliany

My joy,
My heart's delight,
Come to my side,
Fill my cup!

My friends have faulted me.
But my heart is pure
My soul with no blemish.

Come to my side,
Pay them no heed,
Let me drink
The wine
On your lips.

Sleep Not
Marc Eliany

Sleep not!
Drink my wine!

My garden
Your bed.

In joy
My bloom.

Scented delights,
A river stroll,
Birds singing,
The sound of
Your lips
In my garden!

Wake Up My Love
Marc Eliany

Wake up my love
My vine is in bloom.

Fill your cup
With glittering wine.

Your scent
Dances in my heart
Like fire.

And angels
Sing your praise
In the heavens.

Marc Eliany

Like my tears
For my loss
For my beloved
In ruin.