Mind and Soul
Jewish Thinking in Morocco

Marc Eliany (c) All Rights Reserved

Table of Content

A Brief Social History of the Jews in Morocco (in development)

Synthesis and Simplification in Rabbinical Thinking in North Africa according to Rabbi Isaac AlFasi

Reconciliation between Rationalism and Jewish belief Systems in North Africa and Spain and Maimonides

1300 - 1948
Sainthood, Lineage and Social Stratification in Jewish Morocco

1492 - 1992
Between Lisbon and Marakesh: The 'Inhabitants' versus 'Expelled' Controversy
The case for oral history in education

1570 - 1807
Comfort in Cabbala and Zion - the Case of Rabbi Abraham Azoulay and his Contemporaries.

Rationalism and Mysticism
Spanish Portuguese Jews in Morocco in the time of Rabbi Yaacov Sasportas

Facts and Fictions in Rabbinical Accounts in relation to Rabbi Haim Ben Atar

Exploitation and Abuse: Between Moroccan Kings and Jewish Leaders
Palagi, Mimran and Ben Atar

Sainthood and the Relationship between Zion and Moroccan Jewry - the Case of David O' Moshé

Theological Conceptions of Existence among Moroccan Jews based on the Writings of Rabbi Yaacov Avi Hatsira

Burial Societies of Moroccan Jews and the Fes Jewish Cemetery

Artistic Creation and the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora

The Extraordinary in Storytelling in Jewish Morocco

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