Eliany, Marc
Professional qualifications

Project Development and Public Services Planning
Free-lance survey research consultant (since 1996), also involved in art and tourism development projects,

International Drug Abuse Assessment System (IDAAS), United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) From January 1993 through February 1996, I worked as coordinator of an international survey established by the United Nations to monitor drug abuse in the world. I was responsible for the development of an international information system, data analysis and preparation of national, regional and global reports for the U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs. I also advised and contributed to the development of information systems in UNDCP and in the international community through training, review and evaluation of projects relating to drug demand reduction and drug abuse assessment information systems. I prepared work-plans relating to data collection and analysis and supervised work relating to IDAAS.

Project Manager, Health Promotion Studies, Health and Welfare Canada. From 1987 to the end of 1992, I managed Canada Drug Strategy research and advised policy makers. My work consisted of: Consultations workshops with researchers, NGO's and the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs. As Coordinator of the Canadian Drug Strategy (CDS) research program, I initiated, designed and managed research projects covering: baseline studies such as: Alcohol in Canada, Licit and Illicit Drugs in Canada; evaluation studies such as How Effective are Alcohol and other Drugs prevention and treatment programs, exploratory studies i.e. A community network study of users of Alcohol and Other Drugs and national surveys like the National Alcohol and Other Drugs Survey. I also contributed to the development and design of alcohol and other drugs components of other Canadian surveys such as the General Social Survey, the Canada Population Health Survey and the Violence against Women Survey.

Operational Planning and Research, Solicitor General of Canada,  National Parole Board. I was responsible for data analysis and program evaluation in relation to conditional release of inmates. I wrote briefing and forecasting papers on resources required as a result of changes in legislation and policy. I also represented the NPB in matters pertaining to statistics, research and evaluation on the Ministry Statistics Committee and coordinated the development and maintenance of regional and national statistics from 1985 through 1987.

My experience in research and data analysis for decision makers dates back to 1973 when I worked for the Ministry of Education and Hebrew University in Israel.

Psychological Services - Clinical Counselling My most recent experience as a clinical counsellor dates back to 1984 when I worked for the Solicitor General of Canada in Millhaven and Stony Mountain penitentiaries. The work consisted of psychological assessment services (personality intelligence and vocational tests) as well as clinical counselling. Occasionally, I provided consultation services to management in the area of staff training. Previously, I worked as a counsellor with juvenile delinquents, for the provincial government of Ontario in 1978-79 and with single parents and children (Big Brothers 1980). I also managed counselling services in Youth Town and a community centre in Kiriat Shemona in Israel (1973-1975).

Community Development During 1983, I worked for the Community Development Branch of the City of Ottawa, where I set up an umbrella organization of 26 agencies providing services to senior citizens.  The project required delicate negotiations between rival agencies, budgeting skills, public relations and training volunteers. I acquired extensive community development experience overseas too, when I worked in Israel (1973-74) as a director of a community centre. My work included tenant and housing cooperatives organization, as well as, educational and cultural activities coordination.

Teaching/Cooperative Education I taught on a part-time basis at Carleton University in Ottawa (1976-1980), the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1974-1976) and Cooperative Education Colleges in Zefat, Israel (1973-1974). I made a significant contribution to the development of non-formal education programs for adults and juveniles, mostly in innovative educational cooperative settings, Israel (1974-76).

Management in an Educational Setting During 1974-75, I was the director of a rare experimental project in non-formal education in a cooperative setting. This high profile project led a major movement in cooperative education in Israel. As a director, I advised senior officials in the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Institute of Innovation in Education and funding organizations. The position required expertise in large-scale budgeting, delicate negotiation with local and national officials and supervision of staff (10) as well as ongoing program evaluation.

Program Evaluation As CDS research coordinator, I conducted a review of evaluation studies in Canada and elsewhere and produced a report, which provides guidance as to prevention and treatment programs effectiveness (see publications). I served also as member of an Ontario committee responsible for the development of treatment outcome measures and provided advice to CDS Secretariat on the evaluation of Canada Drug Strategy. An important element of my position with the National Parole Board was the development of a system of information for the purpose of program evaluation. Previously, I have done an extensive program evaluation of the Big Brother's Association of Ottawa with practical recommendations for agency computerization.


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