How do you make the city?
Design challenge

Think about how we can build a better city together.
Shouldn't we share these ideas with others?
Let's get started!

The city is where we are at our best, and at times our worst, but it is always something we are in together. More than just a part of the city, we are also participants. We build it; we break it; we share it; we change it we are the city! This year the Electric Fields Festival is about the city, so it's also about working together. Not only do we want the festival to happen out in the city, but we want the city to help us build it. Here is the first project for us to work on together!

Our challenge is simple:

  1. think of great ideas about city building
  2. put one (or more!) of those ideas on an 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14" or 11"x17" poster format
  3. include the text (legibly presented on the poster): or on the poster
  4. send us a PDF or high resolution jpg of your poster to (we will print 11"x17" posters to put around town so this format is ideal, but not necessary)
  5. print and poster your idea around the city
  6. go to and download other posters to share
  7. let us print and post your idea around the city of Ottawa and Gatineau

If you have questions drop us a line at

Here are some early submissions to get you thinking. If you want to download one of the posters, click on the image and a PDF version will open for you.

Electric Fields
We Make The City!
We Are The City!
September 11-15th, 2013

This city, Ottawa-Gatineau, is the venue for Electric Fields 2013. We turn ourselves inside out and move from the lab, the studio, the gallery, the theater and onto the streets, sidewalks, courtyards, front yards, backyards, back alleys, buildings and balconies. The projects at the heart of the festival are a part of the city and the city is part of these projects.

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Note: Think of this project as a city-wide conversation. The question is open ended, so don't feel you need to submit solutions. Think about how things are and how things could be. What's wrong with how we make the city? How can you build the city that you want to live in? How do others make the city great, and how do we make it better? A good conversation has as many questions as answers so let's get started!

Details: All poster submissions will be part of the We Make The City! We Are The City! project at Artengine. They will be printed and posted around the city beginning in July and through September 2013. All poster submissions will be posted on the Artengine website, and made available for download. All poster submissions will be considered under the Creative Commons "Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike" license which means they can be freely distributed and used for non-commercial purposes. You can read more about this license here.