Electric Fields and Mini-Maker Faire 2012
October 11-14th, 2012

Electric Fields is festival about play. Artists at play. Technology at play. Everything perched in a state between unknown and known, on the exciting edge of unpredictable, ready to create a new experience for the audience and artist alike.

Over the past 5 editions of Electric Fields the festival has worked to bring new ideas and new artworks to the Ottawa-Gatineau region, and the 2012 edition is no different. Ok, it is different, but in a good way. Here are some of the projects we are working on for this fall.

Sound and Space Symposium

For EF2011, Artengine developed unique site specific projects exploring how sound relates to the spaces they are contained in. Following up for 2012 we have organized a symposium focused on a few key questions about our sonic explorations. How does space shape sound? Can sound be spaceless? How does culture shape sound? How does sound shape what we know? An interesting and eclectic group of national and international artists and researchers will be assembled for a series of in-depth conversations throughout the festival.

For more information on the symposium please look here.

As link between the projects of Electric Fields 2011 and the symposium of 2012 we launched this web publication to highlight the incredible projects. Go there for sounds, photos and more.

Mini-Maker Faire

The rise of the maker (or is it the revival of making) is an exciting global movement. Not content with a passive relationship to technology, many people are unboxing the mystery of the tools around them. From simple craft projects to complicated interactive tools, makers are playful, curious and creative and the Mini-Maker Faire showcases some of the best projects around!

Check out the Ottawa Mini-Maker Faire website and put in an application for your spot.

Special Projects

As always Artengine is working on a number of special projects we hope to bring to full fruition during the festival. Large scale projections, unique musical performances and great parties are all incubating.

About EF

Started in 2003 at Galerie SAW Gallery by Jason St-Laurent and Tam-Ca Vo-Van as a spotlight on electro-acoustic and audio-visual performance and installation, the biennial event moved to SAW Video and evolved to focus on local, national and international music and media artists with a increasing technological engagement in their work.

In 2008, Artengine took over the project and produced a third edition, expanding the reach of the festivals programming, while fostering stronger networks between new media artists in and outside the capital region.

As a deeper engagement with technological expression winds through many forms of creative expression, so expands the collaborations at the heart of the festival. From the Canadian Film Institute to The Ottawa Art Gallery to local music promoters the festival weaves a thread through the creative fabric of the city and we pulls it together into a concentrated week of electric events.