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Imaginary Encounters / Rencontres imaginaires

Imaginary Encounters / Rencontres imaginaires
Rencontres imaginaires by Scenocosme
a series of several behavioural interactive videos works

Part of the AKOUSMAFLORE exhibition
August 17th-25th
Vernissage: 17 August, 2pm - 5pm
Artengine Commons at Arts Court
10 Daly Avenue (Main Floor)

The visitor is faced to an interactive mirror screen. This one reflects his body, his face. Virtual hands and faces are trying to touch him, to catch him. These hands and faces have lots of various behaviours and question relationships to the other. The hands and faces feel the presence and move along the face of the viewer. When he goes away, the hands and faces disappear. They will reappear with other behaviours when a new person will come.

In this artwork, we provoke reactions and gestures from the spectators in response to virtual contacts. The audience plays with the hands which scratch the ear, caress the hair, touch the tip of the lips etc. The contact is virtual but gives strange real feelings for the viewer. It can be amused, annoyed, or expressing some pleasure. The virtual hands and faces appear in black and white superimposed with the image of the viewer. This device gives the illusion of a ghostly troubling reality. We use digital technologies but get to see an image that remind the first tricks of cinema such as the illusion technique used by Georges Méliès.

Presented by Artengine, with support from the French Embassy in Canada.


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