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Sunday 18th August 7PM/1900h
Debbie Danbrook
"Healing Waters - Music and Dance with Artwork to offer healing energy to our beautiful Ottawa River and all waters of the world.

Debbie is a world renowned Shakuhachi flutist, and has performed upon site numerous times since 2009. It is a difficult but extremely rewarding flute. As it is a type of Zen practise and a life-long commitment and life style
The amazing Rebecca Cragg will create beautiful Japanese brush paintings during the performance.
The Sacred Dance Guild of Ottawa will also perform a meditative dance performance with Debbie and Rebecca with additional musicians on drum & acoustics.
Performance from 2018

Tuesday August 20th at 7:00pm

Eb & flow
Smiley Om Acroyoga, with Diana Lam & Greg Clarke

Diana and Greg of Smiley Om will present an acro yoga performance that incorporates both static possess and flowing movements to complement the strength of the banks and flow of the rapids. Diana and Greg have been performing together for 6 years. They combine two different styles of acro and love sharing the practice with the Ottawa community; teaching classes and playing in parks around the Ottawa area. They are recognizable by their colorful and matching leggings.


Sunday August 25th at 4pm/1600h
Natasha Royka
Terpsichore’s Divertisseme

Inspired by the element of air, Terpsichore's Divertissement explores the relationship between artist John Ceprano's rock sculptures and the dancer's ability to create sculpture with the moving body. Ballet technique is at the core of this piece. It is used to create a moving landscape full of light and possibility.

Natasha was the first performance on site in 2005, and has continued to present a new and original performance nearly every year since.

2017 perfomance

August 25th
5:30 PM/1730h

Inuit Throat Singing
Performed by Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre

These amazing young ladies performed upon site in 2016, for the production of SESQUI-HORIZON 'panoramic film promotion for Canada 150 in 2017.

Throat singing is an Inuit tradition passed down from woman to woman over generations. It involves making guttural sounds — much like growls and gasps —that imitate animals and the natural world. Put in a cultural context, it’s a contest of sorts with two or more women, competing to outperform each other and the one to stop or laugh first, loses.
This is presently a tentative date, and may be rescheduled.

The SESQUI film from 2016:

August 25th

Misirlou: An Odyssey of Greek Music from the Rebetiko Subculture
Kosta & Dimitri Georgaras
A taste of the Greek blues, stemming from the harsh realities of a marginalized subculture (late 19thcentury to the 1950s).

Musical performance with traditional Greek insturmrnts and songs.
Dimitri Georgaras: Bouzouki
Kosta Georgaras: Guitar & Vocals

Performance from 2018


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