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"Full Bloom" Arteast exhibition at Fran├žois Dupuis Recreation Centre

Arteast Ottawa and the François Dupuis Recreation Centre host an exhibition of local art.

The public is invited to visit Arteast Ottawa’s latest art exhibition space at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard, Ottawa, and includes works from four active volunteers within the Arteast membership.
Four artists bring their best works. Summer is finally here! Helen Rousseau shows our best friend. Maryse Hatchard brings the blooms to the complete fullness. Rashmi Rekha’s colours are as bright as they can get in the summer sun. Cheryl Matticehas blooms you want to pick off the canvases. All the artwork is for sale and any would make an excellent gift.

“Full Bloom” runs until September 16th at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard in the Avalon area of Orleans. The centre is open seven days a week.

For more information on Arteast Ottawa visit their website at arteastottawa.com. To contact a member of the Arteast François Dupuis Team, please send an e-mail to francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com or by phone.

Cheryl Mattice 613-824-7835
Kendall Riddell 613-301-7332

Arteast is a highly active, not-for-profit visual arts organization
serving Eastern Ontario. Membership in Arteast is open to artists, both amateur
and professional, and all who enjoy and want to participate in the visual arts.



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