Zen Phone Ringer

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This project has yet to be realized. I'll need some help and advice.

Camille (my wife) works from home and finds regular phone ringers disruptive and disturbing. More so on modern electronic phones with synthesized ringers. She encountered this device at an osteopath practitioner's office.

The Tibetan Phone Bell and Timer

Tibetan Phone Bell and Timer

This product is nice, perhaps a bit pricey on our budget at $119.95US. But surely worth the features if you're not inclined to build one.

Could we make our own?

Here's a great tutorial on how phones work. This is going to be a really helpful article and reference: Understanding Telephones

Old parts are available

Could this 'single gong ringer' be modified? Could it be modified to strike the gong only once per ring cycle?

Would an arduino be appropriate to drive some hardware?

Time to read the article above first I guess.

Comments would be helpful and appreciated.