Using the "broken" Epilog

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The Epilog Laser Cutter is current experiencing technical difficulties: it is impossible to position the laser at a specific location and the gantry resets itself as if it were located in its recess. It is still possible to use it but in a limited way.

As of March 17th, 2015 the following procedure appears to work:

  1. Focus the laser by raising/lowering the bed.
  2. Manually position the gantry as far as possible into its recess. Laser Location.jpg
  3. Press "Go" and let the laser reset itself. It will position itself within its recess still.
  4. Put your material in the upper-left corner of the bed.
  5. Position your design at the top left corner of your canvas
    1. If you need to position your design elsewhere on your material, shift it on your canvas, with the (0,0) position on your canvas corresponding to the (0,0) position on the laser bed.
  6. Make sure your design is less than 11" high
  7. Print without centering No Center.jpg
  8. Press "Go"