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(CNC Lathe)
(External (Benchtop) Power Supply)
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# Normand Fisher
# Normand Fisher
# .
# Darcy Whyte
== Desoldering Station ==
== Desoldering Station ==

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To help determine what tools and resources Artengine should focus on acquiring in the future, please put your name under the tools on this list that you would use, or add a tool that's not listed and add your name below. Please keep in mind this list serves to help identify what the community needs but due to space requirements and time commitments the tools might not be available for immediate procurement.

Laser Cutter

  1. Andrew O'Malley
  2. Paul Mumby
  3. Andrew Plumb
  4. Darcy Whyte

Laser Cutter - Reference Material

CNC Milling Machine

  1. Normand Fisher
  2. Andrew Plumb
  3. Darcy Whyte

CNC Milling Machine - Reference Material

CNC Lathe

  1. Andrew Plumb
  2. Darcy Whyte

CNC Lathe - Reference Material


  1. Andrew O'Malley (note: I may have a scope to lend the lab in 2011).
  2. Normand Fisher (note: could be PC based) such as: Velleman PCSU1000 (About 300/400$)
  3. Paul Mumby
  4. Andrew Plumb
  5. Guy: While poking around the web, I came across the Rigol DS-1052E. It's a stand-alone dual-trace digital storage scope with a nice color screen for around $400. Something to consider.

External (Benchtop) Power Supply

  1. Normand Fisher
  2. Darcy Whyte

Desoldering Station

  1. Normand Fisher
  2. Andrew Plumb
  3. Jean-Marc Le Blanc
  4. .

My Little Pony Unicorn Soldering Gun

See http://www.flickr.com/photos/crashspacela/5163751400/

  1. Emily Daniels
  2. .

Windows PC

For all those CAD packages, special drivers, etc. that are only available on Windows platform. Also nice if doing some PIC (Microchip) programming using free software.

  1. Andrew Plumb
  2. Normand Fisher
  3. .

Windows PC - References

Computerized Embroidery Machine

  1. Andrew Plumb
  2. .

Etching Chemicals

  1. Jean-Marc Le Blanc
  2. .

Electronic and parts

Shields for the Arduino

  1. Normand Fisher (motor shield, etc...)
  2. .

Transistors and Resistors

  1. Jean-Marc Le Blanc ( I can bring some next time)
  2. .