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This page is for helping with the expansion of the Mod Lab and defining what it means to be a part of the community. Here are some open questions for people to comment on and discuss. Please add your name to your comment and feel free to add additional questions.

What defines a member?

Casual member: Anyone that would like to consider themselves as one (Guy) 
Producing member: Anyone that paid the $150 membership fee (Guy) 
Note: "producing member" is existing Artengine terminology (Guy) 

What are the expectations of membership?

Nothing formal. Members may help out in their own way (Guy) 

Who has access to what resources?

Producing members have full access (Guy) 
Casual members have access only when a producing member is around(Guy) 

How should the space be setup?

have enough tables to work on (Guy)

What additional manpower is needed for coordination and organization of the Mod Lab?

What resources are needed to run member lead workshops?

What resources are needed to run Mod Lab coordinated community events?