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Projects from Mod Lab Members

Nigel Vezeau’s projects include Arduino-based 3D mapping devices for measuring noise level and bike trail terrain in Ottawa along with the Little Blue Egg Flowerpot Grill featured on Makezine- a home-brewed mini grill made from two flower pots, old bearings and assorted parts.

Mod Lab- Flowerpot Grill.png

Darcy Whyte is a software designer who fabricated a unique rubber band powered airplane named the Squirrel. From it’s beginnings in Darcy’s software methodology it’s distinct aerodynamic features allows the plane to fly hundreds of feet and be built easily by people new to model aviation.

Ottawa MF 2010-15.jpg

Paul Mumby is an IT manager and web developer who constructed a custom-built 3D printer in three months from a collection of parts and bartered electronics. The electronics used in the project are a blend of his design and one from an online community built around the Arduino microcontroller.

Paul Mumby- 3D Printer Back.jpg

Andrew Plumb is an electrical engineer and designer of 3D objects made on the CupCake CNC, an open source 3D printer from Makerbot Industries. His contributions to the Thingiverse and Shapeways communities allow for the integration of Dremel tools with the Makerbot. Andrew Plumb- Makerbotted tool.jpg