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Skills: (all work in progress) PIC microcontrollers (robotics), microphones building, Linux...
Skills: (all work in progress) PIC microcontrollers (robotics), microphones building, Linux...
"Henri Kuschkowitz"
'''Henri Kuschkowitz'''
Interactive Artist / Co-Founder of Luminartists [http://www.luminartists.ca]
Interactive Artist / Co-Founder of Luminartists [http://www.luminartists.ca]

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This is a list of people involved with the Mod Lab and the skills and knowledge they have to share with the community. Please add your name to the list, best place to learn about you and list your knowledge and skills that you can offer.

Emily Daniels

Artist [1], Micro Trustee of the Awesome Foundation [2]

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, Xcode, Wordpress, Processing, UI/UX design, project wireframing, graphic design, traditional painting and printmaking techniques, blacksmithing, welding, project management, game design, mad cookie eating skillz.

Andrew O'Malley

Artist / electrical engineer [3], President of Artengine's Board of Trustees

Skills: Circuit/PCB design (Eagle + FreePCB), Arduino, PIC microcontrollers, things that blink (LEDs, cold cathode, EL wire), electronic music DJ/production

Tom Burns

Electronic Musician / engineer [4]

Skills: C/C++, Puredata, linux, AVR microcontrollers, reverse engineering, PCB design, circuit bending, synth building.

Normand Fisher

Soundscape recordist / Phonographer

Skills: (all work in progress) PIC microcontrollers (robotics), microphones building, Linux...

Henri Kuschkowitz

Interactive Artist / Co-Founder of Luminartists [5]

Skills: programming (Xcode, Unity, web) and designing (Adobe products and more), projections, Arduino, hardware installation, *good* beer enthusiast

Paul Mumby

Computer Engineer [6], Electronics Engineer [7], IT Manager [8], Japanese Sword Manufacturer [9]

Skills: Programming (almost every language out there, specialty in C++, PHP, C#). Network/Server administration, Microcontroller Programming (PIC, Arduino), Circuit Design & PCB Design, Mechanical Engineering, 3D Printing [10], Robotics, Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Life, and Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse [11]


Designer of electronically controlled devices


  • Programing PIC microcontrollers (in C)
  • Designing circuit boards (usually containing PIC microcontrollers)
  • Soldering (including those tiny surface mount parts)
  • Machining


Andrew Plumb (aka ClothBot)

See ClothBot Wiki

Darcy Whyte

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