Mantis CNC Build 2011

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Project Summary

The Mantis CNC [1] is small, minimal, computer-controlled CNC mill. It's parts cost ~$100. From their demo videos it can cut PCBs and aluminum.

We plan on buying the parts together and collaborating resources for the build. The parts purchase will take place early January 2011. If you are interested please contact Th0mas on his talk page [2].

Online Resources

There is a video guide to building the Mantis CNC available on the website. [3]

The BOM and autocad design files are available on the website as well. [4]

BOM / Part Sourcing

While the majority of the BOM has suggested part numbers and sources, we will try to source most of the parts locally.

Some local stores for parts:

- Metal Supermarkets [5]

- General Bearing Supply [6]

- Ottawa Fastener Supply [7]

Tool Usage

It is my hope that one of the builders has access to a suitable saw, a drill press, and enough space to accommodate the wood cutting. Another option would be to find someone with a large enough CNC and pay them to cut the wood for us. Any suggestions / comments?