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(removing myself as the organizer for this project as I have bought an alternative CNC.)
(Added links for Mantis electronics)
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[http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,62495,62951,quote=1 Reprap discussion]
[http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,62495,62951,quote=1 Reprap discussion]
Other links on makeyourbot.org:<ul>
<li>[http://makeyourbot.org/fabio-1-1 Fabio 1.1] Fabio is a fab-able Arduino compatible microcontroller board.</li>
<li>[http://makeyourbot.org/a3982-1-0 A3982 Stepper Driver 1.0] The A3982 stepper driver is a very simple constant current (chopper) design based on the Allegro part of the same name.</li>
<li>[http://makeyourbot.org/4axisparallel-1-0 4 Axis and Spindle Parallel Interface 1.0] Interfacing between a PC parallel port and the stepper drivers.</li>
== BOM / Part Sourcing ==
== BOM / Part Sourcing ==

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Project Summary

The Mantis CNC is small, minimal, computer-controlled CNC mill. It's parts cost $100-$300 depending on what you have available. From their demo videos it can cut PCBs and aluminum.

We plan on buying the parts together and collaborating resources for the build.

Online Resources

There is a video guide to building the Mantis CNC available on the website. While the BOM and AutoCAD drawings are available on the official website, A more complete set of documents are available from a third party who built the Mantis from scratch without the FABLAB kit.

To add to the relatively sparse information available on the official site here are some 3rd party links to people's Mantis builds.

Mantis built from scratch without official support - lots of added detail we need on this page like dimensioned drawings, completed BOM. Note that his build log is split over a few separate blog posts, the links are in the main column after the end of the blog post.

Reprap discussion

Other links on makeyourbot.org:

BOM / Part Sourcing

While the majority of the BOM has suggested part numbers and sources, we will try to source most of the parts locally.

Some local stores for parts:

Tool Usage

It is my hope that one of the builders has access to a suitable saw, a drill press, and enough space to accommodate the wood cutting. Another option would be to find someone with a large enough CNC and pay them to cut the wood for us. Any suggestions / comments?


The Toronto group is also making one. Darcy Whyte is making one with the Toronto group. [1].