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ArtEngine MakerBot

Getting started with the ArtEngine MakerBot.

Where it lives

In a cupboard in the M70 lab.

Setting Up

The Mac Mini

  • Hook up the small LCD panel
  • Hook up the keyboard and trackpad or mouse
  • Power it up

The MakerBot

  • Plug in the power supply
  • Plug the USB cable into the Mac Mini
  • Turn on the MakerBot PSU (back of the bot)
  • Turn on the MakerBot motherboard (small black slider switch on the largest side board)

Preparing to Print

Launch ReplicatorG

This is your main point of interaction with the MakerBot.

Warm Up the Extruder

  1. Pick Machine - Control Panel
  2. Set the Target Temperature to 220.0
  3. Click outside the field to engage the heater. You should see the blue line jump to 220C and the red line start to rise.
  4. Wait until the Current Temperature reaches the target temperature.
  5. Set the Motor Speed (PWM) to 255.
  6. Click the Motor Control - forward button. The extruder motor should start to turn.
  7. Cut the filament flat with the cross-cutters and feed the filament into the top of the extruder.
  8. When the small noodle of extruded plastic starts to come out fast (not just oozing out), click Motor Control - stop

Open Your Model

  1. Pick File - Open...
  2. Use the Scale button if your model is much larger or much smaller than expected. STL is unit-less and some programs export in 1 unit = 1 inch instead of the expected 1 unit = 1 mm.
  3. Use the Move button to Center the object at Z=0 on the build platform.