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Mod Lab

The Mod Lab is a regular meeting of artists and technologists at the Artengine lab. The group meets every second Wednesday to share ideas and work on projects together. The Mod Lab is open for anyone to come and check out, even if you just want to see what kind of projects people are working!

The Mod Lab formed in the winter of 2010 out the Ottawa Hacker Society and Artengine Producing Members. It is designed to create new connections between all kinds of people engaging creatively with technology, and also to provide an access point for those interested in our electronics lab.

The Mod Lab is extended into the virtual world through the lab mailing list. This list is both an organizing and discussion tool to further extend the open atmosphere of the lab. If you would like to sign up for the list you will receive regular updates on the activities of the Mod Lab and production activities of Artengine in general. You can also post questions, both technical and general, about projects you are working on.