Epilog Settings

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Settings for ModLab's Epilog Zing laser cutter, for various materials and thicknesses.

If your material is not listed here, see the Epilog Settings Whitepaper for advice on how to identify the proper settings.

Material Color Thickness Job Power Speed Frequency/DPI Notes
Acrylic Clear 3mm Cutting 100% 35% 5000Hz Keep protective film on underside to protect surface from laser bed.
n/a Etching 50% 50% 500 DPI Use "Stucki" rasterization
Cardboard n/a Corrugated, single-layer Cutting  %  % Hz
Corrugated, double-layer Cutting  %  % Hz
n/a Etching  %  % DPI
Hardboard n/a 1/8" Cutting  %  % Hz
n/a Etching  %  % DPI