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&quot;&gt;Ottawa Mod Lab

== What is Mod Lab? ==

The Mod Lab is a [[#Meetings|regular meeting]] of artists and technologists at the Artengine lab. The group meets every Wednesday to share ideas and work on projects together. The Mod Lab is open for anyone to come and check out, even if you just want to see what kind of projects people are working!

The Mod Lab formed in the winter of 2010 out the Ottawa Hacker Society and Artengine Producing Members. It is designed to create new connections between all kinds of people engaging creatively with technology, and also to provide an access point for those interested in our electronics lab.

The Mod Lab is extended into the virtual world through the lab [ mailing list]. This list is both an organizing and discussion tool to further extend the open atmosphere of the lab. If you would like to sign up for the list you  will receive regular updates on the activities of the Mod Lab and production activities of [ Artengine] in general. You can also post questions, both technical and general, about projects you are working on.

== Mailing List ==

Subscribe to the Mod Lab [ mailing list] for the most up to date information and to converse directly with ModLab participants. Read past messages in [ the archive]. ModLab can also be found on [ Twitter]

== Meetings ==

=== Dates ===

Regular meetings are held '''every''' Wednesday at 7pm.

Please join the mailing list for the most up to date information.

==== Google Calendar ====

* See;ctz=America/Montreal

=== Location ===

Artengine M70 Lab at Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON [[;source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=2+Daly+Avenue,+Ottawa,+Ontario&amp;sll=49.891235,-97.15369&amp;sspn=43.549762,76.025391&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=2+Daly+Ave,+Ottawa,+Ottawa+Division,+Ontario+K1N+9M9&amp;ll=45.425316,-75.688881&amp;spn=0.005753,0.00928&amp;t=h&amp;z=17 map]] which is across the street from the Rideau Centre and Novotel hotel.

M70 Lab:  Enter Arts Court from the front entrance, up all those stairs. Pass through the first two sets of doors to enter the foyer and walk straight to where the front hallway ends at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Turn LEFT and walk through two sets of doors. The Artengine Lab is on your RIGHT just after you pass through that 2nd set of doors.

SAW Studio:  The studio is at the back of SAW- the entrance is on the side of the arts court nearer to the hostel. Walk straight through the SAW office area, turn left and walk straight down the hall to the back room.

Wheelchair access is possible via the door to the left of the front entrance. Ring the intercom bell at that door, and an attendant from the front desk will come down and open the door for you.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: Mackenzie King Bridge or Rideau St. stations at the Rideau Shopping Centre.

=== Recaps ===

[ September 2010]

[ October 2010]

[ November 2010]

[ December 1, 2010]

[ December 15, 2010]

== Resources ==

* [[MakerBot |Basic MakerBot usage instructions]]
* [[Getting Started With 3D Printed Design]]
* [[Laser Cutting Resources]]
* [[Vendors &amp; Sources for Parts &amp; Materials in Ottawa]]

== More Mod Lab Pages ==

* [[Members]]
* [[Future_Projects|Future Projects]]
* [[Tools|Equipment Wish List]]
* [ Artengine Open Workshops]
* Past [[Workshops]]
* [[Structure]]</rev>