2005. GJ Armstrong Building. City of Ottawa public art commission. Cast glass, steel, wood, natural light. Celebration of the arduous pilgrimage of bird migration. References food source, habitat and species at risk.

2002/3 -light, sensors, steel, sound, resin. Exploring the full sensorium.

Territories of Desire
1999 -light, charcoal, steel, gypsum. Satirical look at everyday symbols fixed within an historical context.

Bywash 1832
1998 -glass, steel, photography. Chronicling the history of bytown
Public Art Commission, City of Ottawa

Repertoire of Reality
1997- digital photography, steel, hand crafted blacksmith tools. Documenting the role of blacksmith within an agrarian society
Public Art Commission, City of Ottawa

1997-gypsum, photography, wood. Language of sign and natural organisms within a political space

Through our thoughts walk
1995 -gypsum, photographs, text. Referencing the public and private aspects of immigration on the Irish psyche.

Water earth air fire
1993 (Uisce, Aer, Domhain, Tine) - ashes, cement, photography, cloth. The body politic within an evolving geography

Current work
Photographs Everday Events 05