Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene (1798-1863)

A romantic painter, inspired by both classical and Medievial art, opened the gate to the impressionism revolution by introducing into European art the vivid colors of the Maghreb. Travelling in North Africa in 1832, he stopped in Tangier, Meknes and Algier. And moved by Jewish and Arab beauty, he produced masterpieces flooded by African light and spirit for years to come, including interiors of Jewish homes and faces of Jewish women which appeared in his eyes beautiful and charming and their costumes dignified and graceful.

Delacroix: Arab Horseman Giving a Signal, 1832
Delacroix: A Jewish Woman in Tangier, 1832
Delacroix: Hunting a Tiger, 183?
Delacroix: Jacob Wrestling an Angel, 183?, detail
Delacroix: Moroccan Saddling a Horse, 183?
Delacroix: Saada Benchimol and her Daughter, Tangier 1832
Delacroix: The Women of Algiers, 1832, detail