Svetlana Swinimer

Svetlana Swinimer worked last ten years collaboratively with Jean Halstead. They exhibited multimedia installations (3D sculptures, photographic prints, transparencies, videos, “holograms”). Last five years their main topic has been science; they produced work on Black Holes, String Theory, Spacetime and Einstein.

Their art can be seen in public places in the Department of music, Carleton University (“BWV#564”) and at the Centre Culturel du Vieux Aylmer, Gatineau, P.Q. (“Fall of Icarus” and “Shades of Difference”). They have also received support from the Ontario Arts Council.

In 2005 they won a competition for public artwork for the city of Ottawa for new Paramedic Services Headquarters. They completed their 2-ton stainless steel sculpture in 2006.