Juliana McDonald

In her oil paintings and collages McDonald explores concepts of impermanence, renewal and fragility in an environment that is subjected to constant change. Her images range from elusive cloud forms (places of dreaming), to reflective water (a source of life and rebirth), to rock and landforms (places of groundedness). The most recent work focuses on massive, fragmented rock formations that provide access to the secrets and memories of the earth. Images are coherent in their simplicity and colour inviting the viewer to study the complexity and meaning of the forms.

In the collages, translucent tissue and rice paper tinted with acrylic paint are torn, crinkled, folded, woven, sewn, and reassembled to create fragile, floating constructions. The elusive and many-layered impressions become metaphors for human relationships to the natural world.

McDonald is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Ottawa (2000), magna cum laude. Solo exhibitions include Artguise Gallery (2007), Sussex Gallery (2006) and Cumberland Gallery (2004) in Ottawa, and the Philip K. Wood Gallery in Almonte (2003). Group exhibitions include the Cube (2005, 2006) and the Karsh-Masson (2001) galleries in Ottawa.

Visit Juliana McDonald's website at www.julianamcdonald.ca 

or contact her via email at art@julianamcdonald.ca