Karen Jordon

Karen's process-based art involves the collection and manipulation, of her own, and other people's, discarded belongings. The artist finds something satisfying in seeking, selecting and organizing objects such as shoes, chairs, and clothing then undertaking projects of reinvention.

Using material languages of production and presentation of the self I examine the role that possessions play in the way we present ourselves. What is that comfort we find in ownership? How do we project ourselves to others? And what do they know about us?

Recent exhibitions include the installation "Ruffle" at the Mississippi Mills Textile Museum in Almonte Ontario. "Hairs" a group exhibition with Chrystl Rijkeboer (Holland) Antonia Lancaster (Toronto), curated by Petra Halkes in Aylmer Quebec and "By a Hair" a solo exhibition at offthemapgallery, in Toronto Ontario, essay by Petra Halkes.