Kenneth Emig

Kenneth Emig ( is a multi-disciplinary artist using the human body, kinetic sculpture, optics, and sound as his sensorial palette to explore perception and curiosity. His multi-disciplinary approach to exploration finds intersections between various media that lead the artist and his audience in unexpected directions. Through the synesthetic interplay of senses, motion, and materials, Kenneth's creativity permeates sculpture, sound, and dance, evoking curiosity and challenging perceptions. His aesthetic inquiry is a profound exploration of space and movement in natural and constructed environments.

Recently, Kenneth has completed several commissions including a public artwork for the City of Ottawa installed in the Eva James Memorial Community Center, a large scale mobile of aluminum and blue glass for a private home and is short-listed for the Ottawa Paramedic Headquarters public art commission. He has also performed in the Square Zero Independent Dance Festival in Ottawa and the 808 Dance Series in Toronto. His experience from 15 years experience at Nortel Networks Audio Design Group has driven his work with a science mindset. He is currently a guest worker at the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada's Institute for Information Technology exploring the artistic uses of collaborative spaces over broadband Internet. This resulted in a talk and performance about "Human Factors, Dance and Collaborative Environments" simultaneously at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and at the NRC in Ottawa. These experiences have led him to conclude that the multiple areas of exploration interact to nourish one another, and further his travels into new directions.