Dorothy Love
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Works on Paper




  • Avalon
    Bronze, polished granite base
    Limited edition of 10 (5 are currently in private collections), created in 1997.
    Approx. dimensions: 5" wide X 5" high, including base
  • sculpture_avalon1_sml.gif sculpture_avalon2_sml.gif

  • Justicia
    Bronze, granite base
    Artist's interpretation of the monument flanking the entrance to the Supreme Court of Canada. Commissioned in 2000 as an annual award for outstanding print and broadcast coverage of Canada's justice system by the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Commission of Canada and the Department of Justice Canada.
    Approx: 17" high
  • sculpture_justicia1_sml.gif sculpture_justicia2_sml.gif

  • Celebration of Life
    Male and female bronze figures, polished granite base
    Commissioned in 2001 for permanent display in the lobby of the Moe and Bess Greenberg Family Hillel Lodge, Ottawa, Canada.
    Approx. 27" high
  • sculpture_celebration_m_sml.gif sculpture_celebration_f1_sml.gif sculpture_celebration_f2_sml.gif