Tin Can Telecom is a web art project that makes use of wireless Internet frequencies (WiFi) and a modified Cantenna. The artwork acts as portable public announcement system that makes silent announcements to individuals seeking open wireless networks. Tin Can Telecom consists of a wireless web server that emits an open wireless network free for the public to use. When someone chooses to connect to the Internet using the Tin Can Telecom network, they are automatically directed to a website that hosts a public service announcement devised by the artist. The user is then free to continue using the Internet.
For Version 1.0, the artist will direct the cantenna towards the grounds of The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. People in the library wanting to connect to a wireless Internet connection will have the option to connect to the Tin Can Telecom network. While selecting a network on their computer, they will see a network titled “How is your back today?” If this network is selected they will automatically be directed to a website that emphasizes the importance of ergonomics and healthy computer use. It will offer information and tips on good posture and simple stretches that can be done in the workplace that help prevent injury related prolonged computer usage.
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