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Appels de soumission

Appels de soumission
Concordia University Annual Conference: Call for proposal
Date d'échéance: 1 November 2017
APPEL DE DOSSIERS : RÉSIDENCES D’ARTISTES 2018-2019 _ Le Labo: centre d'art médiatiques de Toronto
Date d'échéance: 5 November 2017
Appel aux soumissions
Date d'échéance: 1 December 2017



This new arts community calendar is populated by information you send us to be posted on the Artlist.

The Artlist is an open platform for arts events in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. To subscribe to the Artlist in its traditional email format please visit the Artlist section of the website.

To post a non-commercial art event to the list please send a text based email to artlist@artengine.ca. If you are sending your first posting please read the basic guidelines before sending your email.