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JESSIE PARKER Solo Exhibition at Shenkman Centre

“LIGHTSCAPES: A CELEBRATION” is showing November 23 to January 2 at Trinity Gallery ,Salon B,Shenkman Centre, Centrum Boulevard, Orleans.
Gallery hours are 8:30am to 10:30 pm daily.
Vernissage is Sunday, 1-3pm November 26

A Maritimer, Jessie graduated from Mount Allison University in 1965, having studied under Alec Colville. She has been active in the art scene since moving here in 1979. See her website for full bio.

Her images operate on both the physical and metaphorical levels. Since the mid 70’s her photo-based art has pushed the envelope technically and visually, going beyond the “traditional” depiction of subjects, playing with what is real and what seems real but isn’t: the visionary, the transformative, re-presenting the world and inviting us to see otherwise.

In this show, Jessie is exploring pure light, in what she terms as “lightscapes”, often using controlled movement of the camera, wherein the camera “sees” what the eye cannot, and further interpreted digitally in order to celebrate light, time and space.



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