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Donzelle (Montréal), followed by DJ TIGNA$$E

Donzelle (Montréal), followed by DJ TIGNA$$E
Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 9:30PM
La Nouvelle Scène (333 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa)

Free admission | Cash bar

Donzelle is back, even though she never really left. She blends rap, deadpan dancers, unrefined costume changes and dirty bass. After more than 15 years in the Montréal music community, Donzelle is a devoted ambassador of kitsch heritage who brings a singular voice to the predominantly male Québec rap scene through a disruptive project that serves up party beats, advocacy and empowerment. Get ready for a pussy-core kitsch-hop trilingual rap party. Donzelle's many collaborators include Gonzales, Numéro#, Giselle Numba One, Omnikrom, Wolfgang Vini (We Are Wolves), World Provider, LX (Radio Radio/Arthur Comeau) and Sexyboy (Organ Mood).

“She is ridiculous and pretentious, armed with golden high heels, a plunging neckline, unsound metaphors but more importantly skilled collaborators. Supported on stage by her 'Janet Jackson-esque' dancers, her mission is to make you dance like there’s no tomorrow!”
– Phenomena Festival



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