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fibre & form at General Fine Craft

fibre & form at General Fine Craft, August 2-September 9
Opening/meet artist Carmella Karijo Rother:
Sunday August 12 from 2-4pm

Carmella Karijo Rother engages uncomplicated materials, tools and processes which resonate with her reflective manner of working, seen in the clean lines and pure forms of her pieces. The natural colours of the materials complement this direction towards clarity and simplicity, referencing the origins of the materials.

The current exhibition fibre & form brings together work from three distinct periods: silk panels, carded wool sculptures and bowls, rope and paper cord panniers and vessels. Together, they tell the story of Karijo Rother’s extraordinary explorations as an artist pushing the limits of fibre within the realms of art and craft.

Fibre & Form continues until September 9.

General Fine Craft - 63 Mill St., Almonte ON tel: 613-461-3463


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