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Entangled Community work by Kim Vose Jones

Entangled Community work by Kim Vose Jones

The Ottawa School of Art Orleans Campus is proud to present Entangled Community, installation work by Kim Vose Jones, on display from Friday September 22 to Saturday November 4 at the Ottawa School of Art’s Orleans Gallery located on the main floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre. On Sunday September 24, we are pleased to have Kim Vose Jones here in the gallery for an artist talk at the beginning of the reception, from 1pm to 3pm. All welcome!

This exhibition of two interconnected installations explores both the micro and the macro notions of community responsibility. These striking installations are comprised of sculptural elements as well as video and sound. These multimedia installations engage the viewer on several sensory levels, immersing them in a space between a state of anxiety and calm.

The first installation Sensorium is a large suspended silk house on which a video is projected where images fade and layer over each other and sounds of nature and technology intertwine creating a space that pulls the viewer in. Vose Jones draws inspiration from real incidences within Canadian communities which have dealt with loss of home, safety, and autonomy.

The second installation is a smaller more intimate sculptural work, Entangled Community. This installation again combines sculpture and video installation. This piece evokes the fragility of the world with a tiny community precariously perched on its deteriorating surface. Projections of disruptions both human and technological hit the surface of the planet like a sun. The interplay of the projections on the tiny community and the shadows cast draws the viewer in to observe and contemplate the precariously balanced community.

Vose Jones is a sculptor, installation artist and writer living and working in Fredericton NB. She has her MFA from Maine College of Art in Portland, USA. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

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Ottawa School of Art Orleans campus Gallery located in the Shenkman Arts Centre

Free Reception. All Welcome! 245 Centrum Blvd. Orleans ON. K1E 0A1

For more information please contact Nadine Argo, Gallery Coordinator 613-580-2765 or


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