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Paint, Paper and Flotsam: new paintings and constructions by JENNIFER NOXON

September 19 – November 5 GENERAL FINE CRAFT - 63 Mill St., Almonte ON K0A 1A0

Jennifer Noxon is well known in the Ottawa/Lanark County area for her many talents as a gifted songwriter, performer and leader of the Rhythm & Song Community Choirs. The Almonte resident is an amateur beekeeper and had a previous career as an adult educator. And, if you didn’t already know, she’s also an experienced visual artist who approaches art-making with serious intent and a playful visual intellect.

Paint, Paper and Flotsam is an exhibition of three types of new work: small paintings on panel, found plastic constructions, and a 3-D digital print array installed across one wall of the gallery. Each series informs the other in surprising and ironic ways.

At the core of this new work is the ‘flotsam’ series which she began two years ago. “While walking the beaches of Lake Ontario,” says Jennifer, “I picked up bits of colourful weathered and water-worn plastic. I didn’t have anything in mind at the time - but there was a certain thrill to the collection process. The bits and bobs went into my pockets and, eventually, into my studio.”

Noxon describes how, after many months of exploration, the plastic pieces evolved into constructions that tell cautionary tales. “As I played with these found pieces, I thought a lot about where they might have come from, the affect discarded plastic is having on our waterways and natural systems, and just how much we depend on plastics in all aspects of our lives.” The constructions serve as metaphors that “suggest darker ideas of what could happen in the future.”

Jennifer is as poignant and sensitive in expressing her environmental conscience as she is when manipulating paint with brush. Evolving from the plastic constructions, her small paintings on panel depict convoluted geometric shapes with elements of landscape and her signature playful colour palette.

The plastic pieces appear again in an amazing, long array of folded paper imprinted with digital photographs. It was a creative solution to an idea she had for a large wall piece. “I got very excited when I started scoring and folding the paper. I've always been intrigued with the place where the two-dimensional meets the three-dimensional.”

Please join us at General Fine Craft for the opening and meet the artist on Thursday September 21 from 7-9pm. www.generalfinecraft.com


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