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Jennifer Fraser Garland Exhibition of Paintings

Title : Music and Motion
Jennifer’s works convey both music and motion through color in strength; brush strokes in determination of mind and spirit; and passion in texture.
Spending a portion of her childhood in Moose Factory, Northern Ontario, the explosion of colour that is characteristic of Canadian Aboriginal Art has influenced her art. She often incorporates underpainting in her work to create depth. She also likes the use of an ‘illusion of a line’ and finds that it can be more powerful than the use of the line itself. Her fascination with movement and energy is often the focal point of her work. Her work is unconventional and bold but also a genuine view of her perspective of the world.

April 28, 2017 to October 27,2017

Fee: Free
Location: Legal Information Centre of Ottawa. 85 Albert St, 14th floor, Suite 1400
Hours: Monday 1-5pm. Tue to Thurs.9-5, Friday: 9-12 am, Saturday, Sunday closed
Information: Jessie Parker


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